Can you believe that last week was Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner?  Where did the year go?

Well, if you’re like me, there are a lot of “things” that need to get done before the 24th.  Many of those are fun activities that involve family and friends.  Shopping for presents, getting the Christmas tree and decorating it, making cookies, and relaxing (yes I did say relaxing) with a glass of eggnog, listening to Christmas carols.  The list of activities for your family may be more extensive then mine, yet the time spent with the ones we love is always wonderful no matter how full of have-to-dos it is.

Keeping my camera near during this busy time is a sure way to chronicle all the family fun we are having.  I always take the Christmas photos as we open presents and gather round the table for our big dinner, YET I have learned that the real memories are those that happen long before the 25th.

A short story:

My mom taught me how to cook when I was about 7 years old and many of my happiest memories are of being in the kitchen with her cooking dinner, and my favorite, making cookies.  During the holidays we worked together to make all the Christmas cookies that I would disperse to family and friends.  We typically started this process the day after Thanksgiving since I make over 800 cookies.  While I have many memories of our happy times baking, listening to Xmas carols on the CD, and dancing around the kitchen, I have few pictures.  Mom passed away a year ago, and boy what I wouldn’t give to have a few pictures of those happy times to go with my memories.

So why do I tell you my story?  To remind you that the happiest family times, the ones that we will remember for years to come, are the ones where we do “everyday” activities that touch our hearts.  One of mine is baking with Mom.  What is yours?

So keep that camera in hand no matter where you go, no matter how small in significance the activity seems to be, because those are the memories that you will look back upon as the fun ones.  Making cookies, wrapping presents, walking in Marion Square looking at the BIG Christmas tree, watching school plays and decorating the tree.  Capture that “moment in time” for everyone, not just yourself to relive.  Keep the warm, fun, happy, and loving feelings alive with your photos.  All you friends and family will thank you.






Here are few of the photos I have of my Mom.  They are not the best images, but at least I have them to remind me of those cherished moments.  I would love to see some of yours.  Feel free to email them to me at