Meet Mary Wessner

contact_DSC_1027webMaryThrough the power of the camera lens, Mary Wessner captures the heart and soul of every subject she photographs. Whether a person or a pet, posed group or candid scene, her love for her work and her relaxed nature put her subjects at ease, allowing them the freedom and confidence to let their personalities shine in every photo.

Growing up with parents who were avid photographers, Mary learned early how to create a photograph that brought forth emotions and fond memories. However, it wasn’t until she was attending school for spiritual psychology and marriage and family therapy that she felt the calling to pick the camera back up. Her spiritual studies shifted her perception of the world, and she found herself documenting life as it unfolded before her lens. And this new way of seeing people, places, and things led her to follow her love for taking photos.

For Mary, photography is a passion, not just a job. Because she loves what she does, it shows in her work. She aims to capture the loving essence of her subjects. She truly cares about them and wants them to be happy with the unique pictures she takes and with her heartfelt approach to photography. Clients sense in Mary a joy, gratefulness, love, and playfulness that carry over into every photo shoot. Her mission is to make the experience fun, and her work is guided by one simple mantra: “Your inner beauty is present; my job is to bring it out.”

Mary lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband, Steve, and four beautiful cats. She serves as the Daniel Island Rotary Club photographer and historian and preserves the history and culture of Charleston, South Carolina, through photography. With camera in hand, she takes pictures of everything she can as her way to show love and gratitude to the area and to the people in her life.

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